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Brand concept

Shanghai purification equipment company, Shanghai Wo Yi purification equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. - the Wo benefits the brand concept:

Yick Wo (purification equipment company) brand philosophy: a perfect match, sincere cooperation, state-of-the-art quality, the optimal efficiency;

our ideals into practical action, to serve the customers and the public;

we meet and exceed our customers' hope;

we pursue cutting-edge quality, achieve clean maximize;

we merit to learning and progress, to provide high quality products and services for the mission;

we respected the culture of performance, nurturing the Wo benefits brand, expand clean up the market, and focus on sustainable development;

Wo Yi adhere to the principle of a solid specification, the long-term development ", and completely abandon the quick success tendency establish" a long-term development, to seek sustained profitability "values;

compliance management, solid operation is always an important position, is committed to building a sound internal control and internal control system, standardize business processes, standardize corporate governance, strengthen internal risk prevention;

correct handling of a solid management, long-term development and take full advantage of the relationship between the market.

dream of success on the road, Wo benefits from small to big, from big to strong, from strong to excellent ...

      From the rich and diverse products to the extension of the service, Wo is beneficial to build a first-class modern enterprise to compete in China Looking at the world ...
      Purification equipment company in Shanghai - Shanghai Wo Yi purification equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the leading industry trends and development of the industry among the more successful fast the Wo benefits - clean areas of the real leader!

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    24H nationwide unified customer:400-000-****

    Factory Address: Shanghai City, Songjiang high-tech park Cang Jing River Road No. 151;    [Click to the Map]

    Zip Code: 201615

    Telephone: +86 021-6700****, +86 021-67632698

    Foreign Trade Line:+86 1800*0000 (Miss. Wang)

    Mobile Phone: +86 137****000 (Mr. Chen)

    Technical Support: +86 133000*000 (Mr Tse)

    Website: www.***.cc

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