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Sewage disposal should be filter equipment is the best

    Source: Date:2012-4-6 10:45:01 Hits: Tags: Filter device

Conventional sewage treatment odor is very cumbersome for garbage generated every day a lot of sludge. Shanghai Wo Yi purification gradually developed out of the bag filter can come in handy, use of crushing technology as a processing tool, after transfer some of the debris together with the debris after the crusher to the gas explosion in the pool, so not only can be completely eliminated can also smell the beauty of nature and environmental protection.

   A long time ago, the bag filter can be achieved to deal with debris and garbage, in which the cost of processing will be able to far lower than the traditional approach, the treatment effect is great, also played a role in environmental protection.

   Bag filter characteristics:

   1, the appearance of the body is relatively simple: the size is reasonable, compact structure, small volume, covers an area, the installation and operation is simple, approachable, easy to proficient.

2, high filter precision: Suitable for any small debris particles or suspended solids in the manufacture of water treatment and large-scale industrial filter can range from 05 to 200 microns.

Unit filter area to handle the traffic, the filtration resistance and high filtration efficiency. A liquid filter bags filtering is equivalent to filter 5 to 10 times, can greatly reduce the cost; design flow to meet the requirements of 1 ~ 500m3 / h, low construction costs.

4, versatile, and can generally be used for coarse filtration, filter or fine filter. Achieve the same filtering effect, compared to frame fine filter, cartridge filter and other equipment to reduce costs, efficient and practical.

   5, long life, and filter and low cost advantages. Electrode wear

6, the precision of filtering high filtration precision is very high, large capacity, reduce costs, improve efficiency

7, the bag filter cleaning convenience, and can count the time cleaning is complete, convenient, saving time and labor

8, liquid bag filter specification is complete, low-voltage type, the side-entry type, multi-pocket, horizontal.
9, a single bag filter: on the 1st machine, the machine on the 2nd, the 3rd on the 4th of the machine, machine, machine.

10, bag filters to meet the needs of a variety of different filter traffic, and filter quality is very stable quality.

   The above is The Wo purification benefits introduced on the filter information, such as would like to know more about the filter dynamic information, please concern Wo beneficial purification


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