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Talking about healthy drinking water, water treatment equipment to bring life

    Source: Date:2012-4-6 10:44:08 Hits: Tags: Filter device

Water is a resource indispensable to all life, water pollution, has a good water treatment technology is a topic of concern in the major businesses, simply the words of Yick Wo purify the water treatment equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The filter is a purification equipment, can effectively remove the water contains some impurities, various pollutants, to give us health, safety, water resources through a variety of physical, chemical means.

    A water treatment applications:

    Spheres of life: a variety of water-based appliances, such as: central air conditioning, heat exchanger system, wall boiler, boilers, etc..

    2 Industrial Equipment: can be divided into: air compressors, chillers, heat exchangers, coolers several categories.

    Three special industries: widely used in food, pharmaceutical, alcohol and other industries, the main function of scaling, cleaning, magnetization biocide effect.

    Two characteristics of the application of water treatment filter four major features:

    1 devices are small, easy to install, does not require staff to look after for a long time.

    2 does not corrode the equipment, extend the water service life of equipment.

    3 can not change the chemical properties of water, we provide high quality drinking water for life.

    4 Descaling effect.

    Combination of the above point of view, if you recognize the health benefits of water treatment filter to all life, the convenience of life, the seriousness of the current social problems - shortage of water resources and pollution, water treatment technology is widely used different areas of development, four major features you have any new views on this product? Shanghai Wo Yi purification equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (www hefil com cn) specializing in new and old customers to provide inexpensive high-quality water treatment equipment, if demand, please call 400-000-****