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The filter is widely used - vigilance must know the point of use

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Be concise: purification filter is actually conveying a device on the media pipeline is used to eliminate impurities in the medium to protect the valves and equipment to normal use, but the variety of purification filters in the filter on the market, a variety , filter air purifier is one of a Shanghai Wo benefits, Tips: If you need to be cleaned by the filter device, it is recommended to remove the removable cartridge, reload can handle, use and maintenance is very convenient.

    From the use of field of view, then, purification filters are widely used in pharmaceutical, biochemical, food and beverage, water treatment, brewing, oil, electronics, chemical industry, electroplating, dyeing, and environmental protection industries, various types of liquid filtration, clarification, The purification treatment of the latest equipment, to say the air purification filtration equipment, air purification effect is more obvious.

    Cautions There are four major points:

    A need to pay attention to the route of the entire vacuum tube to be connected, to avoid the phenomenon of leakage of gas.

    2 is used, the user should the sewage drain plug tighten to avoid leakage of gas.

    3 reference to extract the number of impurities in the gas and water vapor, and then estimate the height of the bottom of the gas barrel, the appropriate adjustment Unscrew open the sewage drain plug to exclude.

    4 If you use pipe vapor lock phenomenon is recommended that the user wants to open the gas barrel, clean the filter pieces.

    4:00 simple inductive give you the main points to note in the air purification filter applications, how? Which refer to the help of their own? Noticed these when using the filter, if you have a clean filter, and hurried over to take a look at these points, more points to make in www hefil com, cn