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High efficiency filter test method and performance evaluation

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Long time did not see to Wo beneficial purification appearance, because we are the most by being busy with a big project, dozens of R & D engineers in the intense work to develop a product, the Wo benefits purification Xiaobian with everyone one together to share what we have products, is a high efficiency filter, mainly with a photometer. We have included it in a super high-tech experiments, the following look at the specific content of

The salt water splashing in the compressed air agitation, the formation of tiny salt spray dried into the duct. Were sampled before and after the filter, salt fog-like hydrogen flame blue color, the brightness increase. Flame brightness to determine the concentration of the salt spray of air, and to determine the filtration efficiency of filter salt spray. National standards for salt spray average particle diameter of from 0 to 4mm, but the measured results of the existing installations from 0 to 5mm.

The test dust source is 0 3mm monodisperse DOP droplets. "Quantity" containing DOP air turbidity. The instrument measuring dust photometer. Gas samples from the difference between the turbidity to determine the filter on the filtration efficiency of DOP particles. DOP liquid heated to form steam, the steam condenses into tiny droplets under certain conditions, to remove Japan is too small droplets left after about 0 3mm particles, DOP spray into the air duct.

Measuring the turbidity of the sample gas before and after the filter, and thus determine the filtration efficiency of the filter 0 3mm dust. DOP method has 50 years of history, this method has high efficiency filter is the most commonly used international measurement method. Early times, people think the filter on the 3mm dust the most difficult to filter, and hence 0 3mm dust to measure efficiency filter.

By changing the dust parameters, you can get the other size of DOP droplets. So there 20 years ago, Europe and the United States measuring ultra-high efficiency filter 0 1mm DOP method, sometimes measuring instruments also changed condensation nuclei laser particle counter.

We are non-polluting test. Learned that our many years of experience in R & D technology, many customers are worried about dust pollution filter manufacturers in the experimental process, so we are cautious in this regard a lot in order to meet customer requirements in the test when using the client understanding together with non-polluting filter dust. For example, the semiconductor chip factory hate the sodium salt, oil mist, DOP, customers often require some manufacturers to use the dust they are considered safe; some large pharmaceutical manufacturers require direct measurements of atmospheric dust filter to test.

In short, our core customer-centric and customer service as the core. Whether it is in pre-or after-sale, we will still stick to our principle of service. The Wo benefits purification With today

Experimental results show that is a great encouragement to us, and we promise to soon in the future, we will lead the development of the industry as a whole, become a leader in the industry!