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Activated carbon filter of the main uses and characteristics of market

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The activated carbon filter material is dedicated to handling air smell and pollution, while widely used in place of air conditioning and ventilation air filters, activated carbon filter containing 100% adsorption capacity, can effectively remove a large number of odors and harmful gases.

Activated carbon filters used in air pollution and odor phenomenon, but at the same time large areas used in air conditioning and ventilation air filter, wherein the activated carbon filter with a 100% surface adsorption capacity, can greatly remove odors and harmful gases in the air.
The Wo benefits purifying introduce the main purposes:

1, applies to the chemical, electronics, pharmaceutical, food, hospitals and other industries;

2, air filters, activated carbon cloth can be made into a filter plate or volume supply.

The Wo benefits purifying introduce the main features:

An active filter surface is made from coconut shells with four fluoride activity is greater than 60%;

2, used by the active filter polysorb activated carbon network with 100% adsorption capacity;

3, the frame can be used to waterproof cardboard, galvanized steel frame and stainless steel frame;

Can environmental needs, choose a different material of activated carbon materials, such as: the particles of activated carbon, activated carbon cloth, activated carbon foam plate activated carbon filter;

5, activated carbon particles can be a whole pack of supplies, made of metal frame, or according to customer needs custom production.

Above Wo beneficial purification purposes and characteristics of the equipment introduced on the activated carbon filter

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