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Precision filter is the core product of the recycling plant

    Source: Date:2012-4-6 10:45:37 Hits: Tags: Filter products

Life, we only know that taking out the trash, but not to many people to pay attention to the garbage in the end how to deal with more environmentally friendly and effective. When we refuse transportation to a recycling plant, the need to deal with these garbage precision filter, following Shanghai Wo Yi purification with everyone to understand the specific circumstances:

    Tannery wastewater back to the waterline length of the regular scale water treatment is relatively high in the leather industry on a production line put into running precision filter is such a case, most of the tanneries in Wenzhou. Increased investment on the basis of the original workshop and the entire process planning precision filter existing wastewater deepening processing to achieve the basic requirements of the return rate of progress and efficiency progress.

    When the wastewater treatment process, we can not simply consider it a single, it is necessary to take into account important the backwater rate should also be considered to reduce the length of the wastewater stream or emissions. Miao filter, this time will play a crucial aspect of work, the applications have long been related to the precision filter processing, no matter what time we must take into account waste water treatment, especially for leather, footwear, etc. industry priority.


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