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[Selection Guide] list filter series of the Pith

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Precision filter series products have a new selection criteria, the face of fierce competition on the market, major businesses have to break out all kinds of temptations you HOLD to live? Filter Marketplace competition is very intense, filters, equipment, product variety, in order to reduce product costs, some businesses in the filter "cut corners", so that consumers select the appropriate filter, do not just limit price, other aspects also need to pay attention, have the following 4:00, so that you become veterans from the rookie!

    List the four major principles of precision filter selection:

    1 Material:

    Filter material is good or bad the relationship between application performance, especially in the pipeline medium, need to pay attention to material selection, and process piping material can be considered to select the cast iron, carbon steel, low alloy steel or stainless steel precision filter.

    2 resistance loss calculation:

    In the role of the filter, we can calculate the rated flow rate of the water, the pressure loss of 0 52 1 2kpa.

    3 Import and Export path:

    Attention! The selection of filters depends on the import and export of the size of the diameter, generally not less than the matching pump import path to the import pipeline diameter.

    4-hole mesh options:

    The users also need to consider the intercept in the external impurities, particle size, the reference medium flow process requirements, different types of particle size particle size can refer to the filter specifications.

    Simple summary of all the four major principles of precision filter selection, how? Wood there is a reference on their own? Face of a variety of filter series under the premise that consumers do not limited to the purchase price, product materials, and other points also must know the filter is different from other products, so the optional note points have a lot more knowledge please refer to www hefil com, cn