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How to combine the experiments to analyze the bag filter?

    Source: Date:2012-4-3 11:09:00 Hits: Tags:

Some said he was dissatisfied with many things have to come up with the ultimate real results came out that he was convinced, in order to bow to convince. Recently, Shanghai Wo Yi purification equipment in the bag filter in a few months of R & D process has finally come to a result, most of the time to get the results speak only convincing following Wo beneficial purification will take you up a share specific circumstances.

Before we find out how the working principle, characteristics and experimental results of the next bag filter. The bag filter is a new filter, has been widely used in major industrial markets, are generally applicable to the solid-liquid separation of the filtered suspension, have access to the tremendous contributions and achievements in the industrial chemical industry and the treated water ! to various forms of different solid-liquid separation to meet some of the requirements of various industries that is filtered with the function. Regardless of the device form, will be reflected in both cases that the filter media on the surface of the filter media is a very thin, the second filter medium has a certain thickness, the solid particles are retained in the filter media inside. In fact, these two filters is not much of a difference, are based on the differential pressure of the media filter to work, the two are not very different, complementary relationship.

Interest and money to community, we look at the kind can not simply look at a particular aspect, from the economic benefits of the process system and the quality progress grasp aspects, careful observation of the closed system to complete the entire work process. Wo beneficial new filters, purification produced the bag filter is already fully meet the above requirements apply to the difficulty of solid-liquid separation of suspensions Yick Wo also not yet the details of the results describe the completion of Wo Yi official website news, please feel concerned about the concern the news of the filter