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Go into all kinds of "filters" in use should pay attention to

    Source: Date:2012-3-31 9:41:40 Hits: Tags: Filter products

Bag filters and other filters a lot of places do not, you need to pay attention to find many, remember these points, there must be help for the future use of the process

  A bag filter during use, be sure to use not in accordance with the nameplate above the rated voltage and frequency required by random transformation of voltage

Every few days, the need for bag filters for a cleaning and maintenance work, remember that cleaning a clean finished be sure to clean or dry, then use a clean and transparent plastic bags placed in the clean place. Before washing will cut off power supply

3 wire plug, make sure that not cleaning is wet otherwise power plug must be dry.

4, can not unplug the power cord with wet hands.

5, the filter is limited to indoor aquarium.

6, if the filter is damaged, can not use the power cord is damaged.

    7, make sure the filter in the position of the operating time, can not be used in the anhydrous environment, so that the filter has a lot of damage.

Do not secretly dismantling or repair filter, in order to avoid the danger or damage to the body, filter maintenance should be a professional.
    8, can not be without the guidance of professionals, without permission of the filter open repair, is extremely dangerous. So as not to cause great damage to the filter.

    In terms of what equipment can secretly dismantling, transforming equipment, if problems are detected, maintenance under the guidance of professionals, so can the guarantor and the filter to play a security role. At the same time the most important thing is to extend the life of the filter, the above knowledge is only part of many post-Wo beneficial purification equipment manufacturing will gradually update load, if you want to know more, and timely attention to our dynamic