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Filter! I believe we are no strangers to it! A device used in the transmission medium pipe is mainly used to eliminate impurities in the medium, does not know the filter's wide range of product types, in order to meet consumer demand, Shanghai Wo Yi purification equipment company (www hefil com cn) independently developed a bag filter, the new structure, small size, flexible and easy to operate, energy-saving, efficient, and is an adaptable multi-purpose filtration equipment.

    It works: cylinder by the filter, the filter cartridge cover, quick open institutions, strengthen the network of bag components, in use, the filtrate from the shell side of the entrance of the filter tube inflow bag, until the liquid to penetrate into the required fine The degree of impurity particles by the filter to intercept.

    Bag filters are applied several major advantages:

    A bag can be reused after cleaning and cost savings.

    2 versatile, flexible and convenient installation.

    3 can carry the working pressure, the pressure loss is small, low running costs and energy saving.

    4 deal with the large, small size, capacity sewage volume.

    5 quick and easy bag replacement filter without cleaning, saving time and labor.

    In short, the advantage of more than five points to share with you a bag filter with the filter than the first, it has more advantages, in addition to these advantages, as well as its own characteristics, five application characteristics so that you trust more to Shanghai Wo Yi purification equipment, if you want to have such a filter, please call our hotline at 400-000-****, and more quality products to your interests reached its highest point