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Variety of filter products - Wo beneficial to the quality of

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The chase of the environmental awareness of the environmental pollution caused by air quality resulting from the decline of people from all walks of life resonates around the earth is everybody's business "topic, the air filter is made of independent research and development of Shanghai Wo Yi purification equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. high efficiency air filters used more and more extensive range of filtration equipment commonly used in the clean shop, clean rooms, laboratories and clean rooms, or for electro-mechanical communications equipment such as dust.

    Application areas: use of the filter products, has been widely used in all walks of life, and good use of effects, including: air conditioning end to send biomedicine, precision instruments, beverages and foodstuffs, the PCB printing industry clean purification plant downwind, the efficient and ultra-high efficiency filter for the end of the clean room.

    High efficiency air filter has four major characteristics:

    An early resistance.

    Two filtration efficiency and stability.

    3 solid structure, and stability of the filtering effect, long service life.

    Strong, efficient, and easy to handle.

    Therefore, compared with the traditional filter equipment, application of high efficiency air filters has four major advantages to meet the trend of social development and solve environmental problems, professional R & D filter series and a series of purification equipment supplier - Shanghai Wo Yi purification equipment manufacturing limited company (www hefil com cn), new and old customers to provide the best quality, efficient products, in Wo beneficial purification equipment to help, believe that air purifiers can be effectively addressed