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The Wo benefits purification - Research: "precision filter" dirty little secret

    Source: Date:2012-3-31 9:40:09 Hits: Tags: Filter products


Professional people may understand for precision filter, but it also has an address not everyone know, that is, "security filter", as the name implies, literally, that the filter is very safe, gives a exist kinds insecurity. Wo beneficial purification equipment today to tell you about the features and functions on precision filter.

He uses is very extensive and powerful filtering and frame of the top cotton of various coating equipment, bag filters, fine chemicals, oil, food, pharmaceuticals, water treatment and other occasions.

Multi-media filter multi-media filter is the use of one or several filter media, high turbidity water under pressure through a certain thickness of the granular and non-grain material from the surface to remove suspended impurities so that the water clarification process, common quartz sand, anthracite, manganese sand filter is mainly used for water treatment in addition to cloud, softened water, the former level of pure water pretreatment effluent turbidity of up to 3 degrees.

   Generally used to handle a variety of suspended solids, floating debris, the suspension of the solid-liquid separation, has been widely used in major industries of medicine, food, industry, environmental protection, drinking water treatment. Features: corrosion resistance, durable filter plate of the machine with thread-like structure, according to the requirements of different filter media and production processes, replacement of various filters, the direct use of the microporous membrane to achieve the purpose of the sterile. Users can also filter the amount of size, a corresponding reduction or increase in the number of layers, so that traffic for filtering requirements.

   After the above introduction, many people on the precision filter to understand, to know its features and applications is very broad, and enjoy Wo beneficial purification equipment manufacturing, we will update information on a variety of filters