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    Mechanical filters - Shanghai Wo beneficial


    Wo Yi mechanical filter is also known as a pressure filter. Preparation of pure pre-pre-treatment, water purification system, an important part. Material steel rubber lined or stainless steel, according to the filter medium is divided into natural quartz sand filter, multi-media filters, activated carbon filters, manganese, sand filters, etc., according to the water can be divided into single-flow filter, The double filter, can be used in conjunction with the actual situation can be used alone.

    : Classification and characteristics: mechanical filters the pipeline is simple, smooth operation. The filter flow rate is generally 4-50m / n, the run cycle is generally eight hours. Top and bottom of the double mechanical filter with the intake unit, Central has a water device. The advantage of filtering water decontamination higher, run a long cycle, usually 20 hours, the disadvantage is more complex piping systems, the run is less stable and more difficult to wash refueling.

    : Tank mechanical filter works: mechanical filters is to use one or several filter media, under certain pressure, the liquid through the media, to remove impurities, to achieve the purpose of filtering. Its built-in filler is generally as follows: quartz sand, anthracite, granular porous ceramics, manganese sand, the user can choose to use the actual situation. The mechanical filter is one of the traditional methods of use of fillers to reduce water turbidity, retention in addition to the District, the water of suspended solids, organic matter, colloidal particles, microorganisms, chlorine taste and odor, and some heavy metal ions, so that feed water to purify the water treatment. Range of applications

    ===Common specifications===

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