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    Wo Yi purification - Mechanical Filter

    Shanghai Wo Yi purification mechanical filter is the main pre-processing equipment in the industrial water treatment process. The raw water for industrial water treatment commonly used city tap water, which contains a certain amount of fine particles, suspended solids, residual impurities. The presence of these impurities would be water treatment equipment such as electrodialysis, reverse osmosis, ion exchange equipment and other harm.


    When the raw water through a mechanical filter, contact flocculation of mechanical filter in the filter media (quartz sand, activated carbon, etc.), the adsorption and retention effect makes the original impurities in the water adsorption, retention. Can be further reduced through the filter of the mechanical filter, raw water turbidity, residual chlorine.


    Diameter from Ф300mm-Ф3000mm, according to the diameter can be divided into large-scale filter and small filter. The general diameter of less than 1000mm called small filter diameter greater than 1000mm called large-scale filter. Its water production capacity of about: 0 5-80 tons / hour.

    ===Common specifications===

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