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    Shanghai Wo Yi purification - high-quality activated carbon filters


    Wo benefits of activated carbon filters work is done through the carbon bed. Up the charcoal bed of activated carbon particles have a very large number of micropores and a huge surface area, has a strong physical adsorption. Water through the carbon bed of organic pollutants in water by activated carbon to adsorption.


    In addition, the surface of non-crystalline part of some oxygenated tube group, the organic pollutants in water through the carbon bed activated carbon adsorption.


    Is a more commonly used in water treatment equipment, as the former water treatment desalination system can effectively ensure the class equipment life, improve water quality to prevent pollution, especially to prevent stage reverse osmosis membranes, ion exchange resins such as free I oxygen poisoning pollution.


    Mainly used for water supply and drainage treatment system to remove organic compounds from water, color and chlorine.

    ===Common specifications===

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