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    High-quality activated carbon filters - Wo Yi


    Shanghai Wo Yi activated carbon filters are widely used in water treatment processes, such as deep purification of drinking water; brewing, beverage and other industries the depth of the water purification;

    Process condensate oil, in addition to organic compounds such as processing; water, high pure water process pre-treatment;

    Purification of industrial wastewater and domestic sewage. Equipment run time, the treated water from the upper part of the filter into the top-down through the activated charcoal filter layer, the use of activated carbon adsorption properties of harmful substances in water, such as organics, colloids, microorganisms, oils, chlorine, and olfactory flavor such as adsorption onto activated carbon was removed when the activated carbon filter layer "failure", available backwash method to restore the adsorption capacity.

    ===Common specifications===

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