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Management philosophy

Shanghai purification equipment manufacturers - Wo Yick professional Purification equipment manufacturers management philosophy:

Theimprove the quality of the pursuit of technological innovation, improve the quality of quality to meet customer demand "is the quality policy of the Wo benefits;

begins with customer requirements, and finally customer satisfaction "is the core the Wo benefits the pursuit of business;

a man seriously, and strive to do things "is Wo beneficiary Code of Conduct;

people-oriented, the Guben Societe Generale, "is the corporate culture;

to create value, public service "is Wo benefit corporate purposes;

The Wo Yi adhering to the specialization, standardization, market-oriented "is strategic guiding ideology of the Wo benefits;

No matter you are far away, Wo beneficial services close at hand, the "is Wo benefits service concept;
in order to create challenges, as a challenge to create a "To create challenges, as a challenge to create "positive to build a strong corporate brand, expand and upgrade the industry chain is a Wo beneficial to create the core;

a solid specification, the long-term development, and completely abandon the quick success tendency, and establish "a long-term development, and to seek sustainable profitability," is Wo beneficial development principles;

The Wo Yi believe in the indebted newspaper code of ethics, drip, Yongquan, is Wo benefits code of ethics;

reputation for life, for the pilot relies on the quality of service in order to ensure price as a lever to a customer-centric, hard work, diligent, self-discipline, good governance, operation and management of Wo benefits philosophy;

Wo benefits to adhering to the guiding ideology of "specialization, standardization, market-oriented" strategy:


The Wo benefits purification the Wo beneficial purification equipment manufacturers with high quality products and excellence of high-tech specialized manufacturing team, and escort you to clean up the air. Whether you are far away, the sight of our services; we will provide you with quality, efficiency, life synergies ...


The Wo beneficial purification plant production processes standardization, standardization of quality inspection and standardization of market operators, the standardization of enterprise management, customer service standardization.


the Wo beneficial professional purification equipment manufacturers to take the initiative to adapt to changes in the external environment to guide the development of markets; giving priority to efficiency, the internal fair competition, the implementation of a combination of incentive and restraint mechanisms, survival of the fittest.

specialization is the core the Wo benefits purification plant development; planning is the foundation of the company's long-term development; market is the driving force behind promoting the development of the company. 

  The Wo benefits factory quality objectives

A, Wo beneficial plant quality objectives:

1. customer satisfaction of more than 98 points;

Monthly finished goods shipment inspection pass rate of 98.66%;

Second, the department quality objectives:

Production: Production qualified rate above 98.5 percent, order delivery rate of 99%;

2. Business Unit: the number of customer complaints per month shall not exceed 1;

Administration Department: employees engaged in the training rate of 100%, staff training pass rate above 99%;

4. the Purchasing Department: Material delivery time up to 99%, material inspection pass rate of 99.6%;

5. the Ministry of warehouse: the inventory account book of the month is accurate more than 99%;

6. the Ministry of quality: feed test pass rate control standards of 98% pass rate of 98% process, finished a pass rate above 99%;


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